Rat Hole Services

Rat Hole Drilling  

This is where it all started. Butch’s began by specializing in drilling surface holes, rat holes and mouse holes. Because of our extensive experience in the oilfield, we have first-hand knowledge of the soil conditions for most of the active basins around the United States. Today, we operate a fleet of 25 rat hole drilling rigs. 

We were one of the first rat hole drilling providers to offer the capability of drilling past 40' in depth. Currently, we offer up to 200' depth.

bullet.png Mouse Hole Drilling

bullet.png Conductor Pipe up to 200 ft

bullet.png Cellar Drilling & Setting 

bullet.png Foundation Drilling


Cement Services

In 2001, we began providing cement and cement pumping services as part of our conductor hole drilling support unit. By offering this service, we are able to accelerate the time required to complete the job which saves our customers valuable money and ensures quality. 

Additionally, we also offer:

bullet.png Mobile Mixers

bullet.png Pumping

bullet.png Top Off



Using our equipment, we can dig trenches to support water pipes, wiring, and more while drilling rigs are mobilized to the location.